Our Services

We don’t make ‘’African animation’’, we just make animation, and we’re also African. We strive to push the boundaries of 2D animation, inspired by Japanese Anime, the Western Animation we grew up on and the films that have shaped our creative expression.
2D Animation
Our skilled team excels in 2D animation, bringing characters and worlds to life with fluid movements, vibrant colors, and engaging storytelling. Whether it's a short film, TV series, or promotional video, we have the expertise to create captivating 2D animations that leave a lasting impact.
3D Animation
Using the latest software and cutting-edge techniques, we craft immersive 3D animations that transport viewers to new dimensions. From character modeling and rigging to texturing and rendering, our team meticulously designs and animates lifelike 3D assets to create stunning visual narratives.
Character Design
We understand the importance of memorable characters in any animation project. Our team of talented character designers brings your ideas to life, creating unique and visually appealing characters that resonate with your audience. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring that each character showcases their personality and fits seamlessly into the story
Crafting powerful stories is at the heart of what we do. Our skilled storyboard artists translate your concepts into visually compelling sequences, mapping out the narrative flow, camera angles, and key moments. Through meticulous storyboarding, we lay the foundation for a cohesive and engaging animation that captures your vision.
Concept Art:
Before embarking on the animation production, we develop stunning concept art that sets the visual direction for your project. Our concept artists create captivating illustrations and designs that help define the look and feel of the animation, from environments and props to character designs. This step ensures a cohesive and visually striking final product
Our team of skilled editors and sound designers ensure that your animation receives the finishing touches it deserves. We refine and enhance the animation, adding sound effects, music, and any necessary adjustments to ensure a polished and professional final product.